Funding Form

The Kiwanis Club of Barrie!

Funding Application Information for Applicants


The Mission Statement of the Kiwanis International Organization is:

"Kiwanis is a global organization of volunteers dedicated to improving the world,
one child and one community at a time."

It is reasonable therefore thatprojects the Kiwanis Club of Barrie funds, must benefit youth (infant to19 years) and/or the Greater Barrie Community.


The following guidelines describe the framework that the Kiwanis Club of Barrie uses to evaluate applications for funding. By understanding this framework and the objectives of Kiwanis, applicants can prepare funding applications that connect and support the Kiwanis Club of Barrie’s Mission Statement.

The Kiwanis Club of Barrie supports community (funding cannot be provided direct to an individual or family)projects and activities that are:

  • Preferably youth-oriented
  • Charitable
  • Educational
  • Cultural
  • Recreational
  • Inclusive
  • Environmental

Organizations and groups seeking funding must demonstrate fiscal responsibility, effective management (planning, controls, schedules, goals, and objectives) and commitment to the Community.Projects must be completed within a specific time frame although multi-year funding is possible. When multi-year funding is awarded (on-going programs or Capital projects), it is subject to an annual review to ensure the program continues to be managed and monitored. We will consider awarding funds fornew and innovativeprojects.

Funding and Support Focus

The Kiwanis Club of Barrie focuses its support andencourages projects that:

  • Ideally serve the young children of ourcommunity (defined as infant to 19 years).
  • Address the underlying cause ofproblems in our society in an innovative way.
  • Realize a significant and sustainableresult with a moderate amount of funding.

Funding proposals (applications) to the Kiwanis Club of Barrieshould demonstrate:

  • A clearly defined and researched need in the Community (Barrie and area).
  • Evidence of support from otherorganizations and/or service groups.
  • A clearly defined method for evaluating and reporting the effectiveness of the project (in achieving its stated objectives).
  • A structured plan to sustain the project beyond initial funding.

Although not a primary focus,the Kiwanis Club of Barrie looks for marketing and promotional opportunities with the organizations it funds to spread awareness of the work of the Kiwanis Club. Promotion and visibility of Kiwanis is essential to enable it to fundraise successfully so that Kiwanis can continue to reinvest in Barrie’s youth and community.

Exclusions to Funding

The Kiwanis Club of Barrie will not favorably consider funding applications:

  • For religious, sectarian, or political purposes.
  • To reduce deficits accrued by the applicant organization.
  • To retire debt owed by the applicant organization.
  • To other service organizations.
  • To endowments of other organizations or foundations.
  • To support fundraising activities ofnational or provincial groups that do not directly support members of our community.

Application Procedures

All applicants should obtain a funding application form and note the deadline for receipt of proposals. The review process takes approximately one month, and applicants will be notified in writing of the Board/Committee decision.Applicants may be asked to provide additional information and may be asked to make a presentation to the Club so that the applicant’s objectives are better understood. Applicants may re-apply regardless of whether an application is successful or not.

Except for Emergency Applications (maximum funding of $500.00) all funding applications are reviewed quarterly by the Allocation Committee so planning on the part of the applicant is essential to obtain funding when required.

APPLICATION DEADLINES ARE:31 January, 30 April, 31 July, or 31 October

Emergency funding applications will be reviewed inad hocmeetings of the Allocation Committee. It must be noted that to have an application for emergency funding reviewed by the Committee, the Applicant must provide a compelling reason why the funding should be viewed as an emergency (typically must be an unforeseen or unforeseeable requirement). Failure to meet an application deadline due to a failure in time management is not a compelling reason.

Steps for Submitting a Funding Application

  1. Download a copy of the Funding Application from the Kiwanis Club of Barrie website here: FUNDING APPLICATION FORM
  2. Send thecompletedApplication by e-mail
    1. If the Application is for Emergency Funding, include in the e-mail Subject line: “Allocation Committee: EMERGENCY Funding Request”.
    2. If the application is a normal funding application: include in the e-mail subject line: “Allocation Committee: Funding Request”.
  3. Along with the completed Application, attach:
    1. A copy of your current annual budget andyour most recent monthly/quarterly operating statement (if available)
    2. A copy of documents confirming charitableregistration status (if applicable/available)
    3. A list of current Board members and/or Executive Committee, including their addresses, telephone numbers and positions (if applicable/available)
  4. On receipt, the Kiwanis Club of Barrie Allocation Committee will meet to evaluate all funding applications received by the deadline. Applications received after a deadline will be evaluated in the following quarter.Decisions taken by the Committee on funding requests are final but new applications will be considered.
  5. Organizations receiving funding will be advised by the Committee and arrangements will be made to present the funds.